The Syrian Civil War – Introduction

Instigated by the reemergence of the Syrian Civil War in popular media the focus of this blog for several weeks will be analyzing the conflict to better inform the situation in Syria through multiple overviews:

  1. A briefing of Syrian history
  2. Demographics of Syria
  3. Geography of Syria and the Levant
  4. A view at some of the active participants in the Syrian Civil War
  5. A history of the Syrian Civil War

Before continuing it must be stated that the nature of the Syrian Civil War is one of outright chaos. Human tragedy is frequent. There are no two sides to the conflict itself. The sum of independent belligerents in the conflict is so numerous that it’d be futile for the motives and histories of all combatant groups to be explained in detail. There are several dominant forces in Syria: the remnants off the Syrian Islamic Republican Army, insurgencies supported by foreign powers, and that of varying Islamist forces. The remaining local population not associated with (and the term must be used lightly except in the case of the  Syrian Arab Republican whom it does not apply) confederations above have risen together to form independent brigades in their own localities. These battalions of men are numerous and collectively possess a considerable amount of manpower. These battalions mentioned will not be analyzed much further in this blog, yet do not disregard them. The Civil War is raging still. The tumultuous state of the region is bound to give rise to forces of change in the near future and all things must be considered.


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